Satchels / Poly mailer

Poly Satchels (AKA Poly Mailer) is a shipping bag made of polyethylene materials, the advantages of poly mailers include being lightweight, weatherproof, easy to use, Self-adhesive, good security for shipping items and many more. The polyethylene can be virgin material or a mixture of recycled material both which are available, in addition, compostable poly mailers can be customized in different sizes for recurring orders

PREMIUM Virgin Material range, offering the best strength and performance

It makes a difference not only does the Premium virgin material offer the best resistance and smooth surface for your shipping label, but it also gives your customer confidence to buy from you again and again, knowing that their order/item is well protected from potential wet, scratch, and other damages.

Multiple coloured courier satchel bags give your business a shiny identity, the wow factor before the wow...

Pink Courier Satchel bag Purple Courier Satchel bag Green Courier Satchel bag Blue Courier Satchel bag Black Courier Satchel bag

Pick a size for your application

160 x 230 190 x 260

225 x 355

255 x 330

280 x 380

310 x 405

350 x 480

420 x 450

400 x 500

430 x 545

490 x 550

500 x 650

600 x 650

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750 x 900

Satchels / Poly mailer


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