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Inflatable Air Column (Baby Formula) Bag

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SUPERIOR PROTECTION: These air wraps will keep your bottles or fragile items safe! Each air column is independent so if one fails, the rest stay inflated.               

CONVENIENT & DURABLE: The inflatable air columns come flat so they are easy to store. High-quality PE/PA co-extrusion film for strong and sturdy protection! 

Bag Width ~ 430mm (Flat / deflated)

Bag Length ~ 320mm (Flat / deflated)

Bag dimension after inflation ~ approx. 210mm x 160mm x 270mm

Flat Top cover

Clear Bag NO logo

Deliver flat/ deflated

* Formula Bag refers to a standard baby-formula bottle, not all formula bottles are able to fit in the bag, although this product is design to suit standard size baby-formula bottle, it may also suitable for other types of product(s). e.g. Healthcare product, Vitamins, Proteins, some computer parts or equipment so on so forth. Kindly check your product package size to avoid disappointment.
** To inflate this product, An air pump tool is required. This can be a hand pump or an electric pump. An air pump is NOT included